Body Shop Certified in Aluminum Repair | Rockford, IL


Get Your Vehicle Fixed Right at Rock River Block Body Shop in Rockford, IL

Manufacturers are always looking for new ways to improve their vehicles. One such improvement has been to use aluminum to make vehicles lighter, which helps improve performance and fuel efficiency. This change in building material, however, means that you shouldn’t trust just anyone with the body repairs to your vehicle. At Rock River Block, our body shop is a certified aluminum repair shop in Rockford, IL.

We are the only aluminum repair shop in the area, so, if you want your vehicle to drive away looking as though nothing happened, then bring it in to our certified technicians. Properly repairing an aluminum body on a vehicle isn’t the same as repairing a steel body. So, if you need some work done on the aluminum of your vehicle, bring it in to the team that knows exactly how to fix it.

When working with aluminum components on a vehicle, certain precautions need to be taken by the body shop. For example, when working on aluminum, the vehicle needs to be in a quarantined area so the aluminum doesn’t become contaminated by other types of metal. This contamination can lead to adhesion and paint failures, which are unacceptable for your vehicle.


Our certified aluminum repair body shop in Rockford, IL, comes equipped with the special welders and frame machines that are needed to properly repair body damage. When you bring your vehicle into the Rock River Block body shop, your vehicle will be restored to its original condition, so you can drive home and forget there ever was any damage.

Rock River Block Body Shop in Rockford, IL, is also a Lexus Preferred Collision Center. So, if you’ve been in an accident and are unsure about where to bring your Lexus for repairs, Rock River Block Body Shop has your back. We are Lexus-trained technicians that are dedicated to meeting Lexus’ industry standards of repair quality and customer service. Our shop is filled with exactly the right tools and equipment to fix any repairs, and guarantee to use only the best Lexus Genuine Parts.

Whether you drive a Lexus, a vehicle with aluminum body parts, or even one of the many vehicles from the Rock River Block inventory, bring your vehicle in to the Rock River Block body shop when you are in need of repairs. We are not only a Lexus Preferred Collision Center, but are also one of the few certified aluminum repair shops in Rockford, IL. We are here to make sure your vehicle runs smoothly.