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Commercial & Fleet Vehicles at the Rock River Block in Rockford, IL

Rock River Block Fleet pricing, Ford fleet vehicles in Rockford IL

We know the value in having the right vehicle for the job, and for the right price too.  That's why we are always working to provide you with the convenient, hassle-free, expert service that you will only find in the Anderson Automotive Group. Our Rock River Ford Commercial and Fleet department is highly trained and knowledgeable, with years of experience helping businesses. We know that researching your vehicle is important and we look forward to providing you a one-stop location for all of your commercial, fleet and business vehicle needs.  If you have any questions or would like to know what we have to offer, please contact Nick Stivers, our commercial vehicle manager, at 815-229-0510. Whether you're looking for a heavy duty Ford truck, Ford cab and chassis, Transit van or an economical company car - we're able to put a competitive bid together for you.   View our in-stock commercial and fleet vehicles


Nick Stivers, Commercial vehicle managerNick Stivers

Commercial/Fleet Sales Manager

Office (815) 229-0510

Cell    (815) 988-8945

Fax    (815) 229-3391

Rock River Block Fleet pricing, Ford fleet vehicles in Rockford IL

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